New Connections

Born into a republican family, I am now a left-leaning liberal, a lonely weight on a scale of reasoning countering more conventional, conservative familial coins. Most times the scale is not level, but to me, that hardly matters. I do not perceive such tendencies as I’ve nurtured into being over the last 15-20 years as a new thinking connection, since they feel more like uncovered clarity than something once tightly shrink-wrapped and forbidden. Yet viewed over the longer life, these thoughts are indeed new, in the sense that non-moderate ways of thinking are clearly a departure from my blood tree. Where is the line between what I think and what I was, albeit subliminal at times, taught to think? Are these thoughts truly my own or did I merely rebel against my parents well-intended guidance, or perhaps finally warmed to college’s relentless peer pressure influence on a late-forming mind?

As the days continue to clock-spin toward the inevitable, I do not suffer fools as easily as I once did. Nor do I possess a willingness to spend time foolishly as conveniently as once I did in days now distant in the mirror. I am aware of increasingly connecting to nature and knowledge, while disconnecting ever-further from the banal and temporary nature of simply being entertained. I gladly fall prey to the siren song of well-written verses, or luxuriate in watching a well-crafted documentary around a subject I know not enough about or yielding something new where I thought I walked expertly.

I continue to choose the path of connecting to learning and expanding awareness. Such new connections, be they people of interest (both aligned and opposite), or insights that cannot be left unpondered, or moments that bare emotions and bring new colors to living, are my foods of knowing and slakers of my learning thirst.