Gorgeous Gorge

hike/trek date 10.7.06
high (H) or low (L) temperature 65°F
total time 2.5 hours
round-trip distance 3.5 miles
object(s) found serenity!
wildlife seen tourists, squirrels.

On a clear, cool day in Southern Ohio I discovered how gorgeous Mother Nature can be. Somewhat between Dayton and Columbus, the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve abuts the John Bryan State Park, both sharing the Little Miami River, gorge, and abundant hiking trails.

Part of my logic in driving 2-1/2 hours had to do with fall colors. Here in Ohio we are on the verge of peak, with some places seeing more colors than others. Although there were a handful of brilliant yellow trees, fewer reds, it's still a bit early.

typical trail

Hiking forested trails along dolomite and limestone gorge made for a nice, varied hike. Some rough terrain, some flat, some tourists (oh well...), and enough elevation change to give a nice burn to the legs. At times I had the trails to myself, but on occasion had to put up with groups of children, clusters of bored teenagers, along with other nature lovers. Weekdays hiking the gorge would undoubtedly be blissful.

peaceful short-drop water on its way to the gorge

Although I didn't explore the nooks and crannies of the cliffs (usual "stay on the trail" signs were plentiful), they made for a dramatic backdrop along some of the trails.

dolomite and sandstone cliffs

There's nothing quite so soothing as a cool day's hike where the sound of water is plentiful to mingle with the birds and scurrying squirrels.

some rapids

waterfall admirers


(wood)pecker power

Audubon State Park

hike/trek date 7.20.06
high (H) or low (L) temperature 88°F
total time 2.5 hours
round-trip distance 2.5 miles
object(s) found n/a
wildlife seen turtles, birds

On a hot, sunny day I spent a couple of wondrous hours roaming the Kentucky woods that make up the John James Audubon State Park just inside the Kentucky state line south of Indiana (and Evansville). Most of the time I wandered the trails that wind through the 335-acres nature preserve portion of the park. Audubon spent from 1810-1819 living in Henderson (the town that wraps around the park) and roaming the woods in search of birds and other wildlife to sketch and paint. One presumes he walked some of this same area, but there's nothing in the brochures that offer that fact.

museum.jpgOn the premises is the Audubon Museum which houses one of the largest collections of his original art. Only partially because it was wonderfully air conditioned, I toured the museum and nature observatory (which was largely a round room looking out on a bunch of bird feeders). Included in the museum, and awe-inspiring, are several displayed copies of his Birds of America books, and I mean the monstrous originals, not the subsequent smaller reprints. These original tomes were issued in the most inconvenient size of about 30 x 48...and that's inches, folks. Not exactly sized for shelving on your typical bookcase. But back to the hike...after all, this is a hiking blog.


Besides lamenting that I forgot the bug spray (NEVER go in the woods without it Gary...), the park offers a chance to get away from civilization, in a hurry. Most trails I hike aren't remote enough to lose the sights and sounds of the modern world, but in this park those non-natural artifacts seemed to disappear quicker than usual. It wasn't long before I was huffing and puffing up and down the hilly trails and realizing the only sounds were my breath, the crunch of my feet, the incessant cicadas, and an assortment of bird calls. The park is known for its 20 different species of warblers and an abundance of other birds, such as great blue herons, green herons, and belted kingfishers, and mammals. Although I only saw some squirrels and tons of turtles, the park boasts frequent sightings of beaver, fox, deer, muskrat, and raccoons. I'm sure in Audubon's day there were probably black bear roaming around as well. Although the day was really hot, the trails were all shaded and survivable.

If one looks carefully, there is occasional color amongst the overpowering green and brown,


but these residents could care less about the beauty of a blue flower.


The path was rich with well-worn elevated footpaths and bridges,


but again, another oblivious turtle.


Sometimes the going was a little tough, as evidenced by this fallen tree in a most inconvenient spot. I'm sure someone heard this tree in the forest fall, despite that old saying.


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