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Still Life

Photo Friday challenge picture taken during a visit to an old Galveston, Texas cemetery. Previously published this shot in a different pose, but thought it worth reposting for today’s challenge.


3 comments to Still Life

  • I think I should call the Authorities since for the third week in a row your Photo Friday challenge is eerily similar to mine. (Okay, *my* cemetery is a fake one, and funny, whereas yours is a real one, and somberly beautiful. But *still*. The coincidences are alarming: you’ve been spying, no?) :-)

  • Hmmm…should I point out that my previous two entries to PF were actually posted on PF *before* yours? Who’s spying on whom? Hmmmm? ;-)

  • My Zen answer to your smarty-pants retort: You’re attached to time and space…and LOGIC! ;-) Just ’cause you posted first doesn’t mean I didn’t have “dibs” on my brilliant ideas… [pout]

    And I, incidentally, *never* spy…there’s not a voyeuristic bone in my body. (btw, your socks don’t match, and you should really comb that hair of yours, and…) LOL