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CSA signToday was my bi-weekly pickup for my member share of one the local CSAs (community supported agriculture). I wanted to try a CSA last year, but they had no local drop spot then, and grabbing my bounty would have meant a 30 minute drive each way. Plus they had only full shares available last year, which would have complexed things by making it a weekly run. Not to mention scoring more veggies than I could probably deal with.

This year, I’m on a single share, reaping the rewards bi-weekly of lots of volunteer’s efforts in growing and harvesting a wide assortment of nature’s goodies. I never know what’s on the list each pickup, but the surprise is definitely part of the intrigue. I’ve given away probably a third of my share each time, owing to a long-term dislike of a few veggies (e.g., onions and I don’t dance well together).

CSA veggies

My particular CSA is the Seeds of Hope Farm, located outside TIffin, Ohio, and is part of the Franciscan Earth Literacy Center. Good people, good cause. While not certified organic, they grow chemical free and clean. The operation relies heavily on volunteers, and connecting to the community through these volunteers is one of their objectives. They do have working shares where one can dirty hands dirty and earn veggies, but I chose the gentleman farmer route which gives others the chance to play in the soil.

Now my challenge is what to fix first for dinner! A tasty predicament, for sure.

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