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Hooter Watching

In yesterday’s post I lamented the lack of cultural options up here in Northwest Ohio. Fortunately, there are nature opportunities around from varied wildlife to hike-worthy forests. Most of the good hiking is to the south, and unlike what I’m used to in Texas, it has plenty of terrain and wide variety of vegetation. So when spring hits, I’ll be donning the hikers, grabbing my trekking pole, and spending a lot of weekends searching for pristine forest trails. Look for updates on that endeavor over at my HikeThru blog. But I digress.

I was going to talk about hooter watching, wasn’t I? Tonight I’d plan to go to the Van Buren State Park for an evening hike to call…owls. The walk usual finds a barn owl or two as well as other types, and on occasion the nature center releases a rehabbed hooter back into the wild.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to postpone hooter watching for another time, since there’s a minor problem: the temperature is expected to get down to 5 degrees tonight with a 15-20 mph wind. Maybe the hooters can deal with frigid weather since they’re blessed with a natural defense of downy feathers against such cold. But this cowboy, despite owning silk ski underwear, sock and glove liners, and enough layers to look more like a penguin than a nature boy, thinks even the lure of watching hooters isn’t enough to spend hours out in -25 wind chill weather.

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