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Game by Game

Between relatives visiting and staying up late following the baseball playoffs over the last few weeks, I haven’t had much sleep nor extra time to blog! Such is the life of a diehard Boston fan in enemy country.

While not quite the blasphemous act of wearing an Evil Empire cap while walking The Commons, I wore my Red Sox t-shirt on my ritual early-morning walk a few days ago. Upon entering my local caffeination establishment after, I was duly razzed by the locals. Expected, I suppose, since this little town is within two hours of Cleveland. Good-natured razzing, but definitely enemy-territory stuff.

We’re two games from my prediction prompting a proud “told you so…,” and I’m sure Fenway will be a more surreal place than usual come Saturday night. Manny will be Manny, the fans will be obnoxious, and by Sunday night, the Cleveland Indians will be on vacation. And come Monday morning I’ll be wearing my t-shirt in celebratory style, maybe even to work underneath a work shirt…just in case I need to remind a few co-workers with the good news.

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