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Rox and Sox

Pumpkins and baseball: two of my favorite October pastimes. And if this is October, you’ll find me watching as many of the baseball playoff games as I can get away with. The pumpkin connection, for the moment, is sated by three cute little punkin’s huddling on my couch table that I got last weekend at the Toledo Farmers Market.

This year, however, has huge complications for me as a fan. A long-time Red Sox fan explains those cheers, but growing up in Chicago allows me membership to the long-suffering Cubbie throng. Add to that my new Ohio residence and thus a quasi-automatic cheer for the Cleveland Insitting on my couch tabledians. AND if that’s not enough, I’ve grown fond this year of those scrappy, who-says-we-don’t-belong Rockies out of Colorado, not typical seen as a baseball threat. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Ultimately I’ll pull for the Red Sox, but I’ll go out on a limb and predict a Rockies-Red Sox World Series extravaganza. However it turns out, the ball’s been fantastic this fall, and as always, as long as the Evil-Empire Yankees lose, it’s a good October.

2 comments to Rox and Sox

  • I grew up in Utah, but in my youth I became a Chicago Cubs fan. I tried not get my hopes up this post season, but I did and now… well you know the rest.

  • Diane

    More baseball is always good, so yay to the Sox for winning on Thursday!
    It will all be so wonderfully over-the-top at Fenway.