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Ireland in Ohio


NOW I find this place:  the Claddagh Irish Pub in Toledo, Ohio (click here for the chain’s Web site). Here I flew all that way over to the real place to get some good stew and Guinness, and I could have driven 45 minutes up the road. Oh well…

Just kidding, of course, but to my surprise today I discovered this close-to-authentic Irish pub and restaurant (close as defined by how such a thing would appear in America, of course). I must say their Guinness is the best I’ve had stateside. After I ordered my pint, I overheard another table ordering Murphys. Murphys! In America! The blogger lads we met up with in Dublin did say that Murphys “traveled well,” so I’ll have to try a pint the next time. And although the Beef and Guinness Stew was mighty tasty, it wasn’t as tasty (nor as Guinessy) as the same eaten in Galway three weeks ago. Nonetheless, knowing this place is a mere two doors down from my favorite (ok, closest) Borders Bookstore is good news indeed!

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