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A couple of shots from a Continental Embraer jet enroute to Sarasota, Florida for this week’s Photo Friday challenge, Speed


3 comments to Speed

  • Joel

    Whew! When I saw the title, I immediately had a flashback about that drug I read about back in the 90s. Or was the post the title of a bad Keanu Reeve movie? (Like he had any good ones?)

  • Ooooh, I love that first pic: very nice. Did you do anything special (besides turning off the flash!) to take the photo through the window?

  • Joel – That’s the cool thing about Photo Friday: you never know how people will interpret the challenge.
    Lorianne – That trip was shortly after I got this camera, my first digital. To the obvious embarassment of my two teen-age boys in tow, I was snapping pix of everything in sight. But no flash or anything special. At the time I really only knew how to turn on the digicam and take pix, and didn’t sit down with the manual until *after* that trip.