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A Day at the Market

I’ve always enjoyed the visual pleasure of wandering around in an exotic grocery store. I could spend hours going up and down the aisles enjoying the variety of graphic designs, clever product names, and the the constant surprise of discovering a new fruit or vegetable in the produce section. Such a treat was my social calender for yesterday afternoon. I finally found time to visit our new HEB Woodlands Market. This hybrid store is a morph between their traditional suburban grocery store and their exotic Central Market theme (think Whole Foods Market with less hippie-ness). Even though the store is not quite the full-blown Central Market style (which I spend nearly a day in the produce section alone), there were still delights to behold. But enough of words! Why blather on when I can employ visuals to do my talking for me. Enjoy!
Donut Peaches
Portabella Mushrooms
Bell Peppers
Octopus and Mussels
Crabs and Salmon
…to be continued!!

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