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Media Blackout Redux

It’s time for a change. I did this years ago, and wonder why I didn’t keep it up. During that period, I found more time available for things that mattered, and way fewer negative thoughts invading my mind. I worried less, slept better, felt better, and found focusing on the good things easier.

No, I haven’t escaped to the woods…yet (not a bad idea, though). What I’m talking about is going back to an intentional personal media blackout. I’ve watched my behavior, moods, and perspective over the last few months as I’ve contemplated doing this again. And I believe it will help on so many fronts that are not percolating along as I think they should. In addition to the obvious gains in limiting negativism (and let’s face it, bad news sells), I expect, as I experienced before, a huge boost in available time to focus on my three criticals: support my family and friends, write like I’m a writer, and finish my house remodeling. All that in addition to my day job (and surviving the energy drain from that) and other interests I enjoy pursuing. There’s no room on my list of being me for an addicted news junkie attached to the electronic teat of the news media in all its inglorious capitalistic and narcissistic forms.

As of today, I’ve deleted the bookmarks in my Dailies folder (a folder on Safari that I read every morning of my favorite sites) related to news: New York Times Skimmer, [...]