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Haahvaahd and Henry

So what’s with the connection between Harvard University and Henry David Thoreau? A Thoreau scholar might be aware that HDT graduated from Harvard, providing one link to pontificate with, but for this humble blogger they mostly represent two places we visited yesterday on a day trip down to Cambridge with a brief (but cold) stop at Walden Pond.

Harvard (Harvard Square to be more exact) is an interesting day trip. Between enjoying people watching of Harvard students who look every bit like any other students except for the caliber of overheard conversations and intellectually elevated graffiti in the Harvard Coop men’s room, and the handful of destination shops we visited, we had a fun day even thought the weather was less than cooperative. Yesterday was mildish, but still nippy with quite a bit of snow still on the ground, and sadly cloudy making for lousy digicam moments.

On any visit to Harvard Square/Cambridge there are a few musts, at least in my book: Greenhouse Cafe, paying homage to the window of the infamous law firm that fictitiously (we think!) represents Ray and Bob of Car Talk radio show fame, Bob Slate’s Stationary (the holy grail of office supply stores…sigh…whimper…double sigh, double whimper), Harvard Coop Bookstore (you wouldn’t think a coop general book section would be so big and deep, but after slowly browsing all four floors, it beats B&N/Borders by a mile), and the piece de resistance: Burdick’s Chocolate Cafe.

The Greenhouse Cafe is a funky, over-packed, attitude-filled [...]